Welcome To Hugah (Beta)!

May 04, 2020

We are ready to get the party started!

As we roll into the week, we are thrilled to welcome Hugah’s first 125 beta users to our platform. Hugah is here to help San Francisco residents navigate shelter-in-place and discover socially distant activities. For now, our beta users will Hugah from the comfort of their home. May we suggest cocktail delivery for Hugah’s pre-game?

Over the next 30 days, we will be checking on our new users to hear their feedback straight - no chaser. As our Hugah community grows, it’s our mission to capture the vibes that help you decide your next move. Whether it’s morning meditation or frisbee golf, we’re here to make social distancing a little bit better.  Cheers to the day shelter-in-place lifts and we can browse all SF events on Hugah’s display to decide our vibe. #GoHugah

Interested in testing our private beta? Email: [email protected]

Follow @GoHugah for updates!

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