Q&A with Hugah Co-founders, Kevin Jurovich and Ed Barahona

Apr 24, 2020
Hugah Co-founders Kevin Jurovich (left) and Ed Barahona (right)

Hugah is a platform that helps you decide how you want to experience life and who you want to experience life with. Today, we decided to interview Hugah’s Co-founders, Kevin Jurovich and Ed Barahona. Let’s find out what made them #GoHugah.

So, what’s Hugah’s story?

Kevin Jurovich: Hugah developed from a place of frustration that led to innovation. When looking for something to do in a new city or on a Friday night, Ed and I fumbled between search engines, multiple review websites and social media apps. Finding something to do is hard, but deciding what to do is harder. As Bay Area natives, we are surrounded by creative technology that solves everyday problems. We became determined to build a platform designed to help people discover places they love.

What makes Hugah unique?

Ed Barahona: Hugah is a simple solution to the question: “What should we do tonight?” As our AI technology gets to know you, we show you events and places not only near you but for you. Hugah also builds an online community of users allowing you to connect along the way, should you choose to experience life with others. We have grown accustomed to on-demand culture. Deciding what to do on a Friday night shouldn’t be any different than choosing what to watch on Netflix.

How is Hugah navigating the current climate of shelter-in-place due to COVID-19?

Kevin Jurovich: We are all experiencing the impact of COVID-19. Hugah is here to help. We are helping users locate and support small businesses, discover socially distant activities, and find testing centers in real-time. If there’s anything we are learning from shelter-in-place, it’s that technology is holding us together. It’s more important than ever to be able to build technology that supports our local community while facing this pandemic.

When can everyone #GoHugah?

Ed Barahona: Once shelter-in-place lifts, we will continue to support San Francisco. We are excited to welcome private beta users to our platform to prepare Hugah for a public launch this summer. Until then, we remind ourselves that Hugah is a feeling or moment brimming with comfort and loved ones (originating from the Danish word Hygge). We ask you to Go Hugah by offering support to those around you during these times.

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