Hugah: 2035

May 15, 2020
Photo Credit: Union Larder, a local San Francisco Wine Bar

It’s Friday night in the year 2035. Sarah sank into her worn-in couch, as if she were exhaling the long day of work. She hasn’t seen her friends all week and is eager to decompress. She shudders as she briefly recalls a memory from shelter-in-place during March 2020; the beginning of the pandemic in San Francisco.

“Hey Alexa, go Hugah. I need to go out tonight,” she calls out loud.

Alexa displays a hologram of Sarah’s favorite app- Hugah. Alexa begins to scroll through recommendations of local bars, specifically noting that she hasn’t been to her favorite wine bar in quite some time. Alexa also mentions a Cuban rum bar has a live salsa band.

Sarah thinks for a moment and then says, “Alexa, send a poll to my group named “A-Team.”

Alexa immediately sends a poll to an in-app group chat of her closest friends. Sarah’s friends start to vote. Within minutes, the ladies have a plan and are ready to go. Wine night won.

Sarah walks towards her closet to try to solve the hardest question of all time: What to wear?

“Alexa, show me the local wine bar,” she says.

Alexa’s glows green and displays live footage from the bar. Sarah spots a woman in a gorgeous cocktail dress and thinks to herself, “Wine not?” Pun most definitely intended.

Suddenly, she receives a push notification from Hugah that a few of her friends have already arrived. She grabs her keys and heads out the door, ready for a night with her closest friends.

“What would I do without you, Hugah?”

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