Go Hugah!

Welcome Apr 13, 2020

Hugah is a platform to help you discover, create, and experience life around you. Whether you’re looking for a local Yappy Hour with your pup or yoga by the beach, we give you the inside view to decide where you will thrive while connecting with others.

Hugah Social Discovery Mobile App

We know what it’s like to search the internet at 8pm on a Friday night, trying to determine your next move. Finding something to do is hard, but making a decision is even harder. Once we finally decide after using search engines, review sites, and social media, we text the squad. The classic response pings back at us: “How is it?”

Hugah shows you and your friends what’s happening in real-time, relevant to you without the noise. As our AI technology gets to know you, Hugah not only suggests events near you, but for you. We believe the most important things in life are moments shared with other people. While nothing replaces human interaction, technology certainly helps us improve the quality of our lives and relationships. If there’s anything we learned from shelter-in-place, it’s that technology held us together. Now, we’re ready to use technology to locate and attend local events but more importantly, to meet amazing people along the way. When we Hugah, we create moments with people who make experiences that much more special.

Hygge (Hu-gah) is a danish word used to acknowledge a feeling or moment brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favorite things, and beautiful places.

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